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Anonymous asked
Why is War Emblem called gay?






Anyways, War Emblem being “gay” (or being referred to as “Brokeback Emblem”) is a running joke in the racing/breeding community. Basically, War Emblem was sold to Japan after his retirement (it was hoped he would be a replacement for Sunday Silence), but when he got there…he refused to breed any mares. Like, at all. He got physically violent a few times, kicking and biting at any mares presented to him. He sired something like four or five foals during his first year. Thus, the running joke was that he was obviously gay - he had no interest in any mares 

The reality, though, was more psychological. After being evaluated by experts, he was moved further away from any other stallions on the barn and given his own harem of mares. The theory was that he was intimidated by the other stallions, and living only with his mares would boost his confidence. This seemed to work, and he began breeding more of the mares in his harem, but the next year he was back to his old habits. It’s a balancing act with him. It ought to be noted that he does have a “type” - he’s partial to smaller mares, and likes chestnuts above other colors

Despite the small number of them, War Emblem’s foals are proving him to be a potentially great sire. He had sired a number of stakes winners in Japan, including Classic winner Black Emblem, champion Robe Tissage, and multiple winners Civil War, King’s Emblem, and War Tactics

It’s actually possible that he doesn’t prefer mares. Humans are far from the only animals on the planet that engage in homosexuality, or any variation of sexual preference. It’s also not uncommon for stallions to have preferences in mares either. You don’t see it much domestically because humans choose their breeding partners, but that’s perfectly normal.

If he’s never shown any inclination towards stallions, this could just be something else. Or, he might not have the drive to breed at all. Also a possibility.

I’m sure this is unthinkable in an industry driven by pumping out new race horses by the thousands, but they might have to get used to the idea that he’s not much of a breeder.

Some wild stallions never have bands of their own and never sire any foals. If they don’t have the drive to challenge others for mares, they just live out their lives as bachelor stallions.

Intimidation sounds like more of a reach imo. That will usually come up if two stallions are fighting and one wins the battle, or if one stallion is much larger and stronger than his would-be opponent. But just being in a stallion barn where he’s not even interacting with other stallions outside of a sniff or some posturing probably isn’t going to intimidate a full grown stallion if he would otherwise be interested in breeding. By design he should be even more agitated, seeing them as potential rivals. Not intimidated by default. Sounds like a more socially acceptable excuse than saying he’s not a breeder or that he might not be interested.

Yes, except:

  • War Emblem has never shown any inclination toward other stallions
  • War Emblem has shown inclination toward mares, the problem is that he is extremely selective in which mares he will breed. As I said, his handlers have noticed that he seems to prefer smaller mares, and chestnuts 
  • The intimidation factor may seem like a stretch to you, but not to the stallion behavioral experts that have worked with him. Besides the fact that separating him from the others and giving him his own harem did in fact work, albeit temporarily. It was clearly not the final solution, but it did help boost his numbers

I’m of the opinion that he probably just isn’t that interested in breeding, but I’m not claiming that I know for sure. The reason they are trying to figure it out is because he was an extremely expensive breeding prospect ($17 million, and his lack of output has cost Shadai upwards of $55 million in stud fees) and because the few offspring he has sired have almost all been winners. It is worth noting that Shadai is not forcing, intimidating, or otherwise mistreating War Emblem into breeding. They have given him his own paddock and barn, both isolated from other stallions, and he is surrounded by his own band of mares. He is free to run with them and breed the ones he likes. They parade other mares for him, and again, he is free to choose which ones he likes. They have found certain mares he “is enamored of”, and they use those as teasers when they have to, but otherwise he is allowed to pick his partners. He may not be hugely into breeding, but he does have some sex drive. 

Overheard at a Hunter/Jumper Show


*rider falls off in the show ring*

Announcer: That is what I like to call an out of tack experience.

Anonymous asked
Doesn't it bother you that whenever a Conservative speaks out against abortion, Liberals try to make us look like we're "pro-rape". As if the majority of abortions are on those who were rape victims, and we're encouraging rape. The truth is, only about 1% of abortions are on women who were raped. 95% of abortions are done as a means of birth control.





So if Sex Education is abstention only, or BC fails, or Condom Breaks,  you agree that society by stopping abortions DOES have a responsibility to those children?

Oh, I see. So, if you prevent a mother from killing her 2 year old, the state is now responsible to take care of him/her?

I don’t mind sexual education, but I believe it should be up to the parents to decide if they want schools teaching that to their children, just like some parents would object to a school teaching their children lessons from the bible.

The failure of contraceptives is a risk every person having sex needs to take in consideration.  Just like so many other important decisions in your life, actions have consequences…and you don’t deserve a magical bailout button of an abortion just because you’ve decided to live heedlessly.

So much ignorance right here.

I’m not even going to touch it. I don’t know where to start.


I wanted to double check that “The Cherry on Top” was a short novel or novella and I found this on uphillwriting.org. I think it’s very informative and hopefully you guys will find it useful!

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